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Introducing Root by Hudson, your partner in longevity

For the past year Hudson Health’s doctors have been working hard on a secret project designed to help you live the life you want…longer.

Root by Hudson is dedicated to boosting your body’s longevity by targeting inflammation.

As pain management specialists, Hudson Health’s doctors know—better than anyone—just how damaging chronic inflammation is to the body. Inflammation is at the root of some of the most life-altering conditions facing our population today, including: chronic joint pain, GI issues, and heart disease.

Root by Hudson’s first product, AIM-01, has been extensively researched and painstakingly sourced to prevent the onset of chronic inflammation and its debilitating effects.

You might be wondering what separates Root by Hudson from the rest of the anti-inflammation market, and it all comes down to expertise and ingredients.

Our doctors applied their years of experience fighting inflammation to develop a supplement featuring the most bio-available formulations, which means your body can better absorb and utilize the inflammation-targeting benefits of each ingredient.

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