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Hudson Health Announces Launch of Root by Hudson’s first Supplement AIM-01

New York, NY December, ___

Hudson Health announces the release of AIM-01, an anti-inflammatory supplement developed by Hudson’s new inflammation-focused entity, Root by Hudson. 

Since 2010, Hudson Health has served as the premiere pain management practice in New York City, helping thousands of patients overcome pain with cutting-edge procedures. Over the years, Hudson has expanded its clinical reach with the launches of Hudson Wellness, Hudson Mind, and most recently, Hudson Life. Today, Hudson Health’s multidisciplinary care collective utilizes advanced interventional treatments to prevent chronic conditions and boost longevity. 

Root by Hudson is the group’s latest endeavor, focused on chronic inflammation prevention.

With over a decade of success helping patients overcome debilitating pain, Hudson Health’s doctors are experts in the pervasive damage that unbridled inflammation inflicts throughout the body. The Root by Hudson team, led by Hudson Health founder Dr. Jonathann Kuo, MD sought to develop a daily supplement containing ingredients powerful enough to not only stop chronic inflammation in its tracks, but reverse its effects. 

“Root by Hudson’s AIM-01 supplement is the sum of Hudson’s years of experience treating patients who are struggling with debilitating—and preventable—chronic pain. With modern lifestyles exacerbating the grip of inflammation, we believe it’s vital to empower patients to proactively confront inflammation. AIM-01’s bio-available formulation ensures every ingredient is easily absorbed and accessed for maximum protection against joint pain, cognitive dysfunction, and insulin resistance,” said Dr. Kuo. 

AIM-01 is designed to extend equal protection to every bodily system and function impacted by inflammation. The supplement contains Curcumin C3 Reduct to reduce inflammation and protect against cancer-promoting processes; Mitoprime to protect DNA from oxidative damage and improve joint mobility; and GlucoVantage to improve insulin sensitivity and support healthy body composition.

The long-term effects of chronic inflammation are painful—and sometimes lethal. Root by Hudson’s AIM-01 is a simple, but powerful, way to proactively challenge inflammation and prioritize your body’s wellbeing and longevity. 

About Hudson Health:

Established in 2010, Hudson Health has evolved into a multidisciplinary collective spanning medical, wellness, and mental health care. Led by renowned clinicians, Hudson employs over 20 practitioners across 15 specialties, including neurology, pain management, functional medicine, physical therapy, and mental health. Rooted by its mission to holistically treat patients with data-driven solutions, Hudson Health continues to innovate cutting-edge mind and body care. To learn more, visit

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